Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

A certain person who shall remain nameless celebrated his birthday today!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

GOOGLE service for remote areas

We are pleased to hear that, in response to the needs of small communities in remote areas without adequate internet access such as Nelligen, GOOGLE Classic has become available.

Nelligen by night



Photograph taken at 2315 hours. The dot is the light
at "Riverbend" with your blogger still hard at work.

Trouble in Paradise?

Eurobodalla Shire Council’s new food inspection program hasn’t won any fans among local food businesses. Among those unhappy with fees introduced for local cafes, restaurants and takeaways is Café Nelligen’s Rick Patman. He wants council to outline exactly where his $150 administration fee is going. “To me, administration should be entering details into a system and issuing an invoice,” he said. “A trained monkey could do it.”

According to Mr Patman, Café Nelligen has passed two food inspections since January with flying colours. He just doesn’t understand why he should have to foot the $630 bill for the privilege. “It’s $315 each time they come out,” he said. “You get charged $150 in administration each time. I don’t see how they can justify $300 a year on admin alone.”

Either way, Mr Patman says the charges are too steep and that his business is suffering under the burden. “On a bad week that single bill would be at least 80 per cent of my business,” he said. “On a wet day in winter, that’s your whole week gone to Eurobodalla Shire Council alone. Then we have got rent, insurance, wages, electricity, all your outgoings and bills.”

Source: BAY POST

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet the Nelligen Yacht Club Committee

They are all stalwart supporters of the Club and men of ...

Want to be neighbours?

Sproxton Lane is a peaceful cul-de-sac where nothing much ever happens. Of the few properties in the lane, very few ever go on sale. This one has just been listed today! So if you agree that since you have to live somewhere, it may as well be paradise, why not inquire?

Any price idea? Well, here's what one agent says:

"Comparable sales in this location are as follows:
The property next door (Number 19) sold in May 2006 for $925,000.
A property two blocks down in the other direction (Number 25) sold in March 2006 for $750,000. It is now being built on, with ongoing construction costs already exceeding $1 million.
A property next to that (Number 27) sold in March 2007 for $705,000.
We believe the property now for sale will sell at anything between $850,000 and $925,000."

Says he!

With these waterfront beachshacks on 1,700 square metres of dirt having sold for as much as $950,000, what offers for a substantial double-storey brick-house on 30,000 square metres of land (more than all the other waterfront properties in Sproxton Lane combined) with a huge 400 metre waterfront? Register your interest [here]